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[Male Yandere-chan is 'Maya' now] Maya's POV "Senpai~ Notice me~", I whisper stalking my senpai again. ... Seme Male Reader X Neko Yuri [Lemon] Dec 13, 2016 [Yuri Katsuki from YOI] Your POV I wake up from my beautiful gay sleep hearing small groans coming from next to me. I turn around and see Yuuri, my neko, blushing slightly while letting out ...

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Ticci Toby X Reader Lemon Forced This is a Sebastian X Male neko reader. So this is a yaoi in other words. There will be slight fluff of other characters as well. Disclaimer: This may include the more demonic side of Sebastian more than the Mask he outs on for Ciel and other humans.

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