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... tbc pvp gear faction pvp gear tbc wow tbc reputation pvp gear tbc s2 pvp gear tbc pvp gear cost tbc blue pvp gear vendor. A quick look at all the elite cruel gladiator gear introduced in the Legion PvP season 3. This gear is currently an RNG reward for ...

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Brutal Gladiator Gear Vendor? (self.wow). submitted 4 years ago by Nosejobx. Hey all. currently been to Netherstorm and Org in search for the Brutal Gladiator 5 piece sets for transmog. Both vendors only sell weapons now. Is the gear unobtainable anymore or is there a vendor that I don't know about who...I think the name "Proximo" is a reference to the movie: "Gladiator". In the movie there is a retired gladiator named Proximo who runs a camp to train future gladiators. Proximo had extreme skill in the arena, and was granted his freedom (as being a gladiator was almost never the figher's choice, they were more like slaves) and awarded a wooden ...

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Comment by esoterikpunk One of the two new Gladiator weapons added in patch 2.1, the other being a +16 resilience/+348 healing hammer with the same stats This item costs 3,150 Arena points.

Learn how to gear up your Restoration Druid for PvP in TBC Classic and choose the correct items, gems, and enchants. Using PvP gear with Resilience is generally the way to go, but it can be useful to also use some PvE items for increased DPS, especially Gladiator's Kodohide Tunic. PvP Vendor.