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However, if you want to make the switch from Blender 2.7x to Blender 2.8+ this course can help you. Also, if you feel that after learning Blender for a while, you are still not able to bring the 3d projects to life which are in your head, this course can help you fill in the missing gaps.

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Click to select the cutting group or component. In the example shown here, select the peg first to make a hole in the board. After you make a selection, the 1 next to the cursor becomes a 2. Click the group or component that you want to cut. The cutting group remains, but makes a hole in the second selection.Part 1 - Render a Background Image Using Blender 2.8. 1. In the Outliner panel click on the camera object to select it. 2. In the Properties panel click on the camera properties to select it. 3. Select the checkbox for Background Images, then click on the Add Image button. 4.

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Use this helpful read-only attribute to show values in the Inspector without giving permission to modify them. Before you export from Blender, be sure to use this drop-down to import your objects' scale correctly. If you're using HDRP and Shader Graph, freely disable shader features at different material quality levels.Example : for a 60*60 knob, camera scale is 0.6. for a 25*80 or a 80*33 slider, camera scale is 0.8. This way the blender gird steps match pixels. Also in "scene/film" properties I use 1.2 width to get sharp enough output without looking jittery when animated.

Boolean modifier: Add a boolean modifier on the object you want to cut a hole in, Create an object to "subtract" from the main object. Set that object in the boolean modifier. You can press E while hovering over the object selection field to set the field by clicking on an object in the 3D view. knife project tool:KatsBits provides freely available game and content making tutorials and resources, helping Visitors build their own games, or go further, Game Design Studios!.At KatsBits we strive to bring relevant material to our Readers and forefront Blender as a general game development tool.